The slow fashion label from Munich weaves Ottoman craftsmanship with urban elegance. Precious pieces that emphasize sustainability, skill, and style.

Caftans decorated with elaborate, traditional embroidery techniques. Patchwork-Capes made of silk twill and elegant blouses in beautiful pastel colors. This is The Crocale, a Munich-based label that elegantly catapults the spirit of centuries-old Turkish artisan craftsmanship into the present with care, precision, and fine emotion.

Ebru Hanegelioglu Müller, entrepreneur and big fan of antique Ottoman textile art, decided in 2017 to have the cultural fashion heritage of her homeland tailored into the present - for all those who are looking for something that is "unique and extraordinary" in the fast fashion world.

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The Crocale not only wants to translate beautiful tradition into today but the luxurious start-up designs slow fashion. This includes not only weaving with care and skill on old looms according to the historical techniques of the local craftsmanship in Anatolia, but also using exclusively natural materials from sustainable production, and in particular strengthening the self-confidence and the livelihood of the employed craftswomen.

All fabrics are dyed exclusively with natural dyestuffs under special methods; this is where the beautiful, subtle pastel shades of the collection come from.

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The traditional jacquard looms and the natural dyestuffs.
Photocredit @ Armaggan

"A fusion of East and West in glamorous harmony."

The traditional jacquard looms, on which precious caftans were once made in the Ottoman Empire, are located in Istanbul in cooperation with Armaggan. This is so time-consuming that only 20 centimeters can be produced per day. The Crocale helps to ensure that artisan craftsmanship, inherited from generation to generation, does not get lost in these areas. The items are then sewn in Germany. "A fusion of East and West in glamorous harmony."

The label is named after Krokale, who was one of the sixty nymphs Oceanids in the Greek mythology who belonged to the entourage of the goddess Artemis. It's meaning is "sea shore" and it characterizes the geography of Turkey, where the east meets the west. A well-chosen name - because The Crocale weaves a style for style-conscious goddesses who appreciate the cross-cultural exchange and fusion.

Made in Europe handcrafted Organic Female Empowerment 
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