RDO Surf

For surfers, bathers or picnic warriors with environmental awareness:

The American label RDOsurf makes cool surf and swim shorts, which feel like a second skin and are produced with Zero-Waste-Policy. For clean water and against polluted beaches.

"I grew up in Rio in the 1970s when life was very simple. There were about three companies that made surf shorts and we all wore them," says Ricardo de Oliveira, the founder and president of RDOsurf. The period from the early 1960s to the end of the 1970s is a very inspiring phase for the label: it was a phase of new beginnings, of experimentation, and free thinking for surfers.

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Ricardo de Oliveira, the founder and president of RDOsurf

A carefree time to which many of us long to return. RDOsurf successfully revives the style and craft of these years: All products of the brand are completely handmade in the USA and Germany. Exclusively family businesses and certified partners are used.

RDOsurf designs favorite pieces, which feel really good not only on the surfboard but also on the sunbathing lawn. Basically, the labels designs are always based on the special requirements of surfers: the shorts with sun protection factor 50 are made of a high-performance material that dries quickly and is almost weightless. The breathable nylon fabric looks more like cotton, and feels just as great. Waste does not arise during production - an important topic for RDOsurf.

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Campaign pictures of RDO Surf in the style of the 60s and 70s 

Favorite pieces made of waste

With the practical pouches, the label goes one step further: "The bags are made of fabrics from sun umbrellas that we collect from the beach or from the garbage. We also collect the waste in order to use it in the future for products under development." The revenues are donated to the non-governmental organization Surfrider Foundation, a worldwide campaign against polluted beaches and clean water - so that surfing will still be possible there for many years to come. 

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