German designer Malaika Raiss sews sensibility and strength, optimism, and thoughtfulness into her successful Berlin label.

Fashion designed in Berlin, with a subtle, sober glow and a luxurious feel. Fairly produced, handcrafted and partially made of recycled material.

Malaika Raiss started her fashion label 2010 in Berlin, and her persistence is already a strong statement against the short life of the fashion world. With a great deal of dedication, but also calmness, the designer from Hessen in Germany succeeded in finally confirming what she always believed in with her ready-to-wear collection:

Fashion designed in Berlin is strikingly beautiful, well made and very, very wearable.

Raiss has long been one of the highlights of the capital. But international stores also no longer want to do without their finely dimmed lighting. Her softly flowing dresses have something light-hearted, and yet the clear, extremely harmonious line is never missing. Her style lies perfectly tuned between strict and light - actually a fashion rarity. Her silhouettes are feminine and flattering. The feminine is finely broken, for example, by slim-fitting men's shirts, strict blazers or cool-looking sweatshirts.

Malaika Raids the wearness Online-Shop Designed in Berlin Malaika Raids the wearness Online-Shop Designed in Berlin Malaika Raids the wearness Online-Shop Designed in Berlin

Malaika Raiss, the founder and Designer of Malaikaraiss


Soft meets strong! 

She naturally uses the same clear eye for her collections as for her fabrics and materials. Whether floral prints, jacquard patterns, or fine knitwear - her fabrics come from France, Italy, England, and Spain. They are manufactured by small companies in Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Italy and to a small extent in a family business in Western Ukraine. Of course, Malaika Raiss offers knitted sweaters, cardigans, and accessories that are "handcrafted" and thus committed to regional craftsmanship. For her smart, timeless pieces she uses organic cotton, recycled silk, and recycled cashmere. Their suppliers use plant dyes for dyeing.

Malaikaraiss Langes Kleid Malaika Raids the wearness Online-Shop Designed in Berlin Malaikaraiss auf the wearness Online-Shop

Pictures of the current collection

In her Berlin all-female team, it is important to Malaika Raiss that her employees - from trainees to part-time working mothers - receive regular professional training to strengthen their skills. The women in the Ukrainian company are in permanent apprenticeships and have the opportunity to be trained as managers.

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