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The shoe label Le Monde Beryl, based in London, combines extraordinary fabrics and decorations with a modern design to create elegant, yet effortless and versatile accessories.

Lily Atherton Hanbury and Katya Shyfrin met in London and felt immediately connected through their love for jewellery and gemology, travel, design and of course shoes. In 2016 the friends founded their own accessory label. The focus is on the classic slipper of the Venetian gondolieri. Originally these were made out of velvet and felt shreds as well as rubber.

The Le Monde Beryl collections offer countless new interpretations of the streamlined, classic slipper shape: They are available as Mules, Kitten Heels and even as further development to the Overknee-Boot. The label uses the finest Italian leather and experiments with luxurious fabrics. The shoes are made of velvet, cowhide or satin, among other things - and are created with minimal to no waste. There's something for every occasion: from the way to school or work, for exhibitions and art vernissages, for important dinners and evening events or just for a walk through the city.

Lily Atherton Hanbury and Katya Shyfrin, the founders of Le Monde Beryl 

Made in Italy, inspired by the whole world

In addition to the wide selection of shoes, Le Monde Beryl now also manufactures sunglasses and clutch bags. A jewellery line is to follow shortly. For all products, Le Monde Beryl works with trusted suppliers and craftsmen to create handcrafted luxury with longevity. Every Le Monde Beryl item is handcrafted in Italy, but the brand is inspired by traditional craftsmanship around the world. This is how the cooperation with the Kuna women of Mola Sasa developed, an organisation that works hand in hand with indigenous people from Colombia and Panama. They breathe new life into the Venetian slipper through their traditional techniques.

Every pair of shoes by Le Monde Beryl is handcrafted in Italy

The name Le Monde Beryl comes from a family of gemstones including emerald, aquamarine, morganite and heliodor. For a long time they were regarded as talismans for travellers and artists. It is also a tribute to the female aviation pioneer and adventurer Beryl Markham. She was the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic from east to west.


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