Kowtow makes fashion that is minimalist yet feminine. The label from New Zealand is committed to completely ethical and sustainable production - from the seed of the cotton to the end product.

Kowtow was founded in 2007 by Gosia Piatek in New Zealand. The founder was never only interested in fashion: the label has taken its mission to make the world a little better. The word Kowtow comes from Chinese and stands for a kneeling bow that goes so deep that the head touches the ground - a sign of the highest appreciation. A deliberately chosen name, as Piatek explains: "It sums up the respect we have for people and the environment".

Gosia Piatek, Founder of Kowtow
Gosia Piatek, the founder of Kowtow.

This respect is also the reason why the label works exclusively with sustainable materials. In addition to natural materials such as ethical merino wool and Tencel, this also includes Econyl, i.e. recycled nylon. But the focus of the collections is on organic cotton. This is purchased directly from Fair Trade farms.

Urban looks in sustainable materials

Thanks to the versatility of the material, the label is able to offer exciting new creations every season that go beyond simple basics. Everything is slightly oversized and rather boxy. This makes the collections look very modern and urban. At the same time, Kowtow's style is feminine thanks to playful details, albeit rather subtle. This ensures that the pieces will give you years of pleasure!


Kowtow purchases the organic cotton directly from Fair Trade farmers in India.

"Fair working conditions are the ethical core of Kowtow."

All garments are manufactured by SA8000 certified companies in India. This standard guarantees that garment manufacturers create a socially responsible working environment for their employees. These include a guaranteed minimum wage, social security and paid holidays, as well as subsidised lunches and free transport to and from work. "Many people are involved in the process of making a Kowtow garment. We see all these jobs as important," the brand explains. "We take care of everyone involved in the production of our clothing, from organic cotton farmers to packers. Fair working conditions are the ethical core of Kowtow".

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