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The finest slow knitwear made in Austria and Italy.

For many years Orsola Bertini Curri raced around the world as a fashion manager. Until she one day said "stop" to the fashion industry and disposable consumption. Her idea of downshifting - Knitted Love. Hand-knitted sweaters, scarves, and caps made of the best yarns that outdo any traditional luxury item...

"I had the feeling that life was running away from me," says the Italian about the day everything changed. She woke up and knew -  the fast hectic life between Milan, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Amsterdam - it's over! Curri, who worked as a sales manager for international labels for a many years, had enough of the gigantic fashion machinery. Including the exploitation that goes with it. And from its wasteful, careless allure towards clothing anyway - what is chic today can be removed tomorrow.

Orsola Bertini Curri bei Stricken

Orsola Bertini Curri, the founder of Knitted Love

In order to calm down, she moved to the peaceful town of Klagenfurt and started to advise only small, sustainable labels. One day she came across her grandmother's old knitting set, "countless knitting and crochet hooks, wrapped in a green handmade bag. A treasure." Although Curri could not knit, she took that as a sign. She had been wondering for a long time how this slow life could even work.

She tried to knit a hat herself. "A disaster!" When she asked for help in a wool shop in Klagenfurt, she met a world of "great ladies who created masterpieces with precise, calm hand movements." This was the beginning of Knitted Love - the first collection that Curri had made by local knitters was a great success. 

   Handknitting in Austria Handknitting by local woman from Italy and Austria

Hand-knitting by local women from Italy and Austria

Handgestrickter Pullover aus reiner Wolle in Petra und Türkis Roter Pullover aus recyceltem Cashmere

Chunky Knit from pure wool and a statement sweater from recycled cashmere

By now, the founder has become an expert in her field and also deals with textile innovations. For many of her latest items she uses Re.Verso yarn, the world's first and only reconstructed cashmere yarn. Its production can be traced back completely: In Italy and other selected European countries, textile waste is collected from which high-quality fibres are obtained in Italy. These are then spun into recycled cashmere yarn, which then are transformed into wonderfully soft favorites.

Knitted Love is great love for slow made knitwear

For the women who make the beautiful pieces, and who get paid adequately for their art without having to rush. For the environment, which is protected by only using high-quality organic or natural certified wool. And for the customers who know where their cozy piece in the timeless and luxurious Chunky style comes from and that it will grow in their hearts for a long time...

For more information - read this interview with Orsola.

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