The London-based jewelry label Fouché creates statement pieces inspired by art deco architecture and African art.

The collections are handmade from natural materials in Africa and completed in Europe.

The passion for art, storytelling and craftsmanship inspired the former Fabergé designer Claire Fouché to found her own label in 2014. "I began to think about making jewelry that combines luxury couture with craftsmanship in a modern context." The founder came up with the answer in Kenya, where she has been working for the Maisha Foundation since 2011, which promotes young talent locally.

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Claire Fouché, the founder and designer of Fouché

Near the capital Nairobi lies Kibera, the largest slum of Africa. From there, Fouché obtains the natural raw materials for the jewelry: "I have personally established relationships with small workshops in Kenya that specialize in the production of wood and horn. Especially Cow horn plays an important role for the label. But no animal needs to be killed for that. Instead, horn is used, which is a by-product of meat production and would otherwise end up in the landfill. In addition, the collection is mainly made to order so that there is no production surplus.

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Claire in Nairobi in an artisan workshop

In Nairobi, the label is working with women artisans who are paid fairly as part of an initiative to generate income for women. This income contributes to the education of their children. Claire Fouché visits the plants regularly in person. This ensures that everything is transparent and fair.

Conflict-free statement jewelry

The jewelry is finished in small workshops in London. This is where the precious stones and metals come from. "I personally select them from trusted suppliers in London with whom I have been working for over ten years and who can ensure that the origins are conflict-free." With so much personal commitment, the result can only convince. 

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