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Beautiful ballerinas, handmade from high-quality Bavarian natural fibers.

They are not only a perfect match for dirndls, but also for jeans: that is what the small Munich shoe label with the matching name Bayerinas is all about.

The fact that a Spanish woman finds her passion in traditionally producing Bavarian shoes may seem unusual at first glance. But in spring 2015, the love for dirndl fabrics awoke the desire in Mercè Gay de Cabanyes to get to know the world of Bavarian textiles. She visited local textile companies and inspired by weavers, dyers and printers and other Traditional Craftmanship she came up with her idea: the Bavarian ballerinas.

The name is not only a combination of the words Bavaria and Ballerina, but also thanks to the Spanish pronunciation of Mercè. Because "LL" in Spanish sounds just like a "Y". Thus, ballerinas for Mercè Gay de Cabanyes automatically turned into Bayerinas!

With the playful design the colorful Bayerinas match a dirndl perfectly, but are also a great basic worn with jeans or in the office. The classic, sweet ballerinas are available in a round or pointed shape. The label uses only natural materials like linen, cotton, leather, and loden. The loden comes from Bavaria's oldest cloth factory, which stands for quality since more than 350 years. The supple, warming loden fabric is ideal for colder days and makes the Bayerina's a favorite for autumn.

Traditional craftmanship: Hand-woven, printed and dyed

The other fabrics also come from traditional weaving mills in Bavaria and also from Austria for certain models. Dyeing and printing are carried out in local factories. The reason why the companies are selected so carefully: "Traditional craftsmanship and experience make the textiles extraordinary. This is the story and the heritage we work with."

Making of... Bayerinas the wearness

Printing fabrics the traditional Bavarian way.

However, the last production steps do not take place in Germany, but in Spain, the home of the founder. This is where the shoes are handcrafted with love: "The family business to which we give our fabrics contributes with many years of experience; the best way of quality assurance". This is how Mercè Gay de Cabanyes manages to combine her love for Bavarian tradition with the support of regional crafts in her homeland.

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