An An Londree: Handgemachte Seidenkleider

The label An An Londree is luxury. Because every meter of fabric is created with great enthusiasm and lovingly by hand.

The clothes and accessories that result from this are dream pieces. Outstanding, cool, and of modern poetry.

It starts with the fabric. Silk, linen, velvet. Meter by meter woven by hand, hand dyed, beautifully printed, or lovingly embroidered. And after that? The Austrian label An An Londree makes flowing dresses from these textiles and an enchanting spa collection - kimonos, culottes, shorts.

The collection is limited to a few silhouettes. Easy, simple, yet sophisticated. Founded in 2016 by friends Andrea Harisch and Angelika Paschbeck, An An Londree does not want to come up with countless designs, but captivates the "dress" in new fabrics from season to season with a just few cuts. There are fine flowers and delicate swirling ornaments which you immediately fall in love with. Also because you don't see something like that on every corner.

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Campaign pics of the current collection 

The fabrics are all manufactured in small, certified, family-run factories in Germany and mostly India. "Every single meter requires a lot of time and careful craftsmanship." An An Londree therefore only works with companies that have proven to be professional and reliable partners in the past. Some special handcraft techniques are exclusively carried out by women who receive a fair wage, medical care, holidays, and bonuses.  An An Londree is a label that sees its added value in a "conscious anti-industrialism".

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Handprinting and embroidering details, off course, all made by hand

The luxury lies in loving craftsmanship, in the high-quality material, in the detail and a completely independent style. 

The label is made exclusively from natural materials. These are dyed in an environmentally friendly manner without synthetic dyes and are skin-friendly. All materials are processed down to the last rest. An An Londree packs and delivers its products, which are in demand from Beverly Hills to Tokyo, completely plastic-free. 

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