Not so easy to find pretty designer shoes that are produced ethically and environmentally friendly. The German label ALINASCHUERFELD manages the balancing act between fashion and sustainability with flying colors.

Alina Schürfeld recognised quite early, that things were going wrong in the fashion industry. The Hamburg-born designer, who studied interior design, decided to realize her vision: To produce aesthetic, modern shoes that are ethically and ecologically impeccable. In 2009 she founded her label with the same name and started a small collection of welted men's shoes. In 2011, the young designer already extended her range and was honoured with the Bunte new faces award Fashion as the best accessory label. By now, the brand is familiar to everyone who is interested in fashion and sustainability - it's a real success story!

Alina Schürfeld, founder of her eponymous label.

The formula? In addition to a beautiful, timeless look, the success of the label is above all due to the strictly value-oriented manufacturing process. The vision: to produce aesthetic shoes that are ethically and ecologically impeccable. ALINASCHUERFELD works together with traditional craftsmen in Italy and Spain, where the shoes are manufactured with a lot of know-how. The founder is in personal contact with the small production companies and can therefore directly assure herself of the working conditions on site.


The founder is in personal contact with the production facilities in Italy and Spain, so she can convince herself of the working conditions on site.

Approximately 90 percent of the leather on the market is tanned with chrome, mostly in countries such as China, India or Bangladesh, where the necessary expertise is often lacking. If mistakes are made during the process, this can have devastating consequences for the environment and the people involved in production. To avoid this risk, ALINASCHUERFELD uses vegetable and chrome-free tanned cowhide. The skins come from Germany, Spain and Italy and are mostly tanned with rhubarb extracts in the Allgäu region. Visually, naturally tanned cowhide leather hardly differs from conventional leather - only the conscience while wearing it is a lot better!

Salmon leather has an unique structure – and it's super super smooth!

A great alternative to exotic leather: salmon leather!

A further highlight in the label's collections is the smooth, certified organic salmon leather, which is sourced in Germany. "This is a great alternative to exotic leather and has a very special structure. It's really exciting! Because of the natural scale structure and the colour gradients, the workmanship is elaborate - but the results are simply beautiful," explains Schürfeld and adds: "And every shoe is unique in the end!

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