Handgemachte marokkanische Berber-Taschen

The name Abury stands not only for beautiful leather accessories and decorative jewelry but also for a great charity project that makes craftsmanship strong again.

It all began when Andrea Bury traveled to Morocco in 2008 to renovate an old Riad. She soon fell in love with the Moroccans' extraordinary heritage of craftsmanship. Especially the unique Berber bags and their embroideries fascinated her, and she started collecting them. "With each bag I learned more about the challenges: A lot of traditional products now are imported from China, as a result prices fall, the artisan handicrafts are no longer respected and the children no longer learn them - craftsmanship is dying," explains Bury. And she decided she couldn't live with knowing this.

Andrea Bury in Marokko

Andrea Bury in Morocco with school children of the ABURY Foundation School

In 2011 she founded Abury. The label has set itself the goal of strengthening traditional craftsmanship. The first collection of the typical, artistic Berber Bags, which are still a bestseller of the label today, were made in Morocco. Since then, the project has expanded to nine countries where, in addition to the bags, leather slippers, raffia shoes, jewelry, and textile accessories are now produced. The production facilities are located in Ecuador, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Modern ethno accessories from fair production

Abury wants to give the typical style of the countries a stage and at the same time enable the craftsmen to modernize the designs: "That's why we developed the Abury Circle of Design: We are looking for the best design talents in the world through the Abury Design Experience. We give the designers a travel and production budget that allows them to stay in a country for about two months, give workshops there and create a capsule collection." The results are playful and ethnic accessories that are absolutely wearable and make every outfit special.

Näherinnen in Marokko Handwerk in Marokko 

Andrea Bury mit einer Näherin in Marokko

Craftswomen sewing in Morocco. Creating the Berber bag - a detailed view. Andrea with a seamstress in Morocco

Fair wages are not enough for the label in the long run. Every piece sold makes you twice as happy, because 50% of the profits are reinvested in educational projects in the countries of the production. Furthermore, the label runs a school in Morocco. The production hours a bag takes to make, are returned as school hours. It's been over 140,000 already!

Andrea Bury mit Schulkindern der Abury Foundation School

Andrea Bury with school children of the Abury Foundation School


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